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Legal Advice and Terms of Use

Welcome to Program for Calculation of Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts, developed by Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica.

Approximate calculation for use in small installation, no more than 400 m˛, with velocity from 0 to 15 m/s with CLIMAVER Plus R and CLIMAVER A2 and from 0 to 10 m/s with others products.

It is recommended to work at low speeds to ensure adequate sound attenuation.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica, recommended the use of a specific software for projects with more entity.

The calculation data obtained are approximate and the finality is simply information. Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica is not resposable for the possibles mistakes, omissions and/or inaccuracies that those data may have and of the use of these information.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica can make periodicals changes without previous announcement.

Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica gives the permissions to the user for visualize, copy and download all the materials shown always that the use of thereof have a personal and informative character, not for the purpose of obtain commercials benefits. Is expressly forbbiden the manipulation or modification of thereto in any manner other than effected properly Saint-Gobain ISOVER Ibérica.

The Program for Calculation of Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts have a number of links to others web sites whose responsibility about the uses and contents concerns exclusively to their owners,accordingly, is not responsable for those contens thereof.

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