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Program for Calculation of Heating and Air Conditioning Ducts Instruccions


Step 1: Select product.

Step 2: Enter value of the caudal in m³/h orm³/s.
From the caudal entered, calculation program determines the following values:

  • Velocity (m/s)
  • Pressure Losses (Pa/m). The system asigned the value 1 for default. This value can be modified.
  • Equivalent Diameter Circular Duct (mm)
  • Square Duct Side (mm)
  • Inner dimensions of the ducts:
    • Possibles combinations: Side a (cm) and Side b (cm)
    • Dimensions Suggested By Iover. (Criterion: ratio a/b no bigger than 1/5)

Options: Once obtained the mentioned values, the user can modify the data of velocity and pressure losses for obtaining new data for the rest of the parameters.
In the same way, can change the Side a or Side b that fits to your needs for obtain a equivalent side dimension according to the values of velocity and pressure losses determined.
Optionally, the program allows to obtain the value of the pressure losses (Pa) if known the length in meters of the duct. This calculation has utility for those cases in wich the pressure losses is different from 1 (value assigned for defaalt by the system).


Known the flow and the inner dimensions of the duct (Side a and side b) the program of calculation determines the velocity and pressure losses. To this end, once a product has been selected and entered a value for the flow, you should select the box inverse calculation. In this way, entering the values known of the dimnesions of the duct, Side A (cm) and Side b (cm) in the possible combinations aloof, the program obtained the correspondig value of the velocity and pressure losses, as so the combinations of dimensions suggested by Isover as so the combinations of dimensions suggested by Isover to comply the above mentioned criteria.